BDC Systems Ltd will be exhibiting on Stand 204 in the Exhibition Hall where they will have their new Moisture Monitoring System taking centre  stage.  This accurately and automatically checks moisture content of wet grain whilst it passes through a grain drying plant which has long been the challenge for grain dryer suppliers.  BDC Systems now has its own system with bespoke sampling units whereby grain is taken from both the incoming (wet) elevator and outgoing (dry) elevator on a plant.  These samples are processed through a multi-chamber duct incorporating a Sinar moisture probe which gives live readings displayed on a screen.

The system can be retro-fitted to any grain drying system subject to a site survey and data can be remotely viewed on devices such as mobile phones.  Matt Grainge is Head of Product Development and states “following extensive on-site testing at several plants around the country we are confident that the new Moisture Monitor is producing accurate real time data.  This information can be used to adjust dryer settings which will save money and ensure grain goes into storage at its optimum moisture content.”