D Clifford & Sons Ltd, UK importer of Anderson & Suire bale handling equipment, will be attending the Show with the Suire bale unroller/spreader.  They will also have information available on the World Expo’s Top-10 New Products Competition winner, the RBM2000 PRO, wrapped round bale collecting trailer, which can pick up wrapped round bales from the field on the move without damaging the wrapping.  The RBM2000 PRO uses a lifting arm featuring a bale detector which initiates the loading sequence as soon as the arm contacts the bale.  The trailer can carry 20 bales and loading time is typically 20 seconds per bale.  The operator can adjust bale spacing to cater for different bale lengths.  Bales are unloaded by tilting the trailer rearwards and pushing them off with the headstock so that they land end on ready for stacking.  Information will also be available on the RBM round bale trailer and Stackpro 5400 & 7200 square bale trailers.